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XI Class Admission Result 2021. Hello Guys, Those who have applied for XI Class. This year are definitely waiting for the result. Your wait will end very soon. We will give you guidance on how students will get admission results. Students need not be afraid. All students can be admitted to the college of their choice.

XI Class Admission Circular 2021

The third round of selection will continue from September 11 to September 12. Those who will be selected in the selection phase need to confirm the matter online quickly. Otherwise, their application will be considered rejected. He will not be able to apply next time. Admission will be from 13th September to 15th September.
Most students apply to 5 to 10 colleges.

These students will not get a chance to apply in the third step. Those who have not applied will only be able to apply at the end. However, everyone can migrate. Each student will be able to give 10 college choices. One of them will be selected in the college. HSC students will be given preference based on SSC results. Students will be given subjects depending on who the GPA is.

XI Class Admission Apply Online 2021

The result of class XI will be published in 3 steps. Applying students can follow 3 steps. Those who have applied early can know the result through SMS within the stipulated time. Also, those who were not selected in the 1st step will be selected in the 2nd step and those who could not apply will be able to apply in the 2nd step. Students will be able to know the results according to the scheduled time.

The last ones who could not apply in the 1st and 2nd step will get the opportunity to apply in the 3rd step. Those who were not selected in the 2nd step will be able to know the result in the 3rd step. The number of applicants this year is around 14 lakh. Of these, more than 9 lakh have applied online. There are more than 4 lakh applicants through mobile phones. According to the Board of Education, 14 lakh 73 thousand 594 students have passed.
Applying students wonder when they will get the results of college admission migration. Students who apply do not have to worry. Here we will update the results of class XI admission, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and migration for you. The merit list of college admission will be prepared according to the SSC result of the students. According to GPA, 95% of students will be taken from all colleges in Bangladesh. The remaining 5% quota will be for students of Freedom fighter families.

XI Class 1st Merit Result:

Admission results for the first phase of Higher Secondary XI will be published tonight. The results of the first part of the students will be published on August 25 at 8 pm. This information has been confirmed by the Bangladesh Inter-Board Sub-Committee. We have mentioned this issue for you in a good way below. Keep reading our article.

XI Class 2nd Merit Result:

Those who could not apply will be able to apply in the second step. At first, about 51,000 students could not apply. Those who could not apply will have the opportunity to apply in the second step. About 14 lakh have applied online so far. Those who migrated early will get the result on September 4 at 8 pm. Besides, the result of the second episode will be on 4th September at 8 pm on the same day.

3rd Merit Result:

It is also learned that the applications for the third phase taken in September. The results of the third episode and the migration results of the second episode will be published together on September 10 at 8 pm.
We have also learned that the selection of students for the second phase will continue till 5 pm on September 5. If a student does not confirm the selection, his / her application will be rejected. So it is very important to confirm this with the students who are applying?

How to get XI admission results 2021 – 2022.

Applicants will be able to know the result online or through mobile. Every year more and more students know the results through mobile. We will let you know how you know the result. You can get results very quickly from online and mobile phones. So keep reading with a little attention.

Those who have submitted the admission form online will know very easily. It is also possible to know the result by sending an SMS with a mobile phone for only Tk 2.50. We will tell you to take a good look at the first-class admission results website first. Then it will seem easier for you.

XI Class Admission Result 2021-22 Online

First, you select the Class XI Admission Result website. After entering that website will take you to a new page. There you will find a box. Then you select the roll, board, SSC passed year there. Then enter your registration code in the text box very carefully. After entering the registration code, click on the Next button. This way you will get another new page where you can see the results.

HSC Admission Result 2021-22 by SMS

If you want to know through mobile phone, check the balance. See if there is enough balance for SMS. Then go to the message option on your phone and enter the name of the board (Of course the first three words in uppercase). Then roll number and passing year have to be given. After the completion of this matter, send it to 16222. After a while, you will get the desired result.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the result. In the first stage, good quality students are selected. The Student then selected in the 2nd and 3rd steps based on the number of seats. In all colleges, GPA5 is predominant with a majority of students. We hope that each of you will be able to get admission to class XI. There is no need to worry about not getting results.

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